With the advancements in technology, digital transformation, RPA, AI, Analytics, ML and more, are forcing the finance to change the way they operate.

Process automation, digitisation and an ongoing need to protect assets and manage costs, are putting significant pressure on finance professionals. To survive in this disruption and changing times finance function need to evolve into more strategic, analytical and data driven powerhouse embracing digitisation, driving performance and adding value through-out the business.

This webinar will equip you with the best tools and strategies which will help you increase productivity and agility of your finance processes for future business growth.

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03.30 : Opening Remarks

03.35 : Keynote Address: Accelerating Finance performance with Intelligent Technology

Robotic process automation (RPA) is driving massive increases in productivity and innovation across enterprises worldwide. By allowing companies to multiply workforce productivity and utilize data more effectively, these technologies can help companies partially or fully automate nearly any task.

  • Gearing up Future visionary mindset for changing Finance function.
  • Understand how intelligent technology like AI and Automation can support intelligent finance.
  • Understand how Automation and AI can help lower repetitive tasks and reduce billing process time.

03.50 : Digital Transformation initiatives for Finance Function

04.05 : Transitioning to Intelligent Finance Functions with RPA and Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation can help financial institutions reduce manual touch point to drive operational excellence and reduce labour costs, increase speed and accuracy of customer interactions, tighten fraud detection and make human workforce more productive and focused on value-added activities.
Learn from this session how Automation Anywhere helps automate, generating new insights and increases decision speed.

  • Improving efficiency, reinforcing compliance, helping customers with quick account opening and KYC
  • Use cases of automation in banking and financial sector
  • Advantages of hyper automation and cognitive automation for banks

04.20 : Accelerating Finance Performance through Technology

  • How Automation and AI are helping finance function transform.
  • Best strategies on revenue generation and cost reduction through technology
  • Some real-life case studies on how Automation helped your finance function transform

04:45 : Q&A and Poll

05:00 : Wrap-Up and Close of Webinar

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